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Tomato Rainbow
Kauai Bounty

"Eat Food, Not too Much. Mostly Vegetables." ~Michael Pollan

   When asked what he meant by "food", Pollan simply answered real food as in non-overprocessed fresh real ingredients. He was speaking about real cuisine that is not made up of "edible food-like substances". Just simple vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes, sustainable fisheries, and humanely raised/caught meats.

   This is what I prepare. I have been professionally preparing impeccable cuisine with ingredients straight from the farmers since I was 13. My mentors taught me that these ingredients are a medium through which health and vitality can be supported or repressed. Having studied cuisines with different chefs from around the world, through my food I attempt to honor the greatness of the worlds culinary traditions while keeping the creative fire alive. 

   For the last 10 years, I have prepared meals for people of all needs and interests from an elderly couple in their final moment to jet-setting high profile executive families to bachelorette party cooking lessons to front-country camping in Yosemite National Park to the beachfront vacation rentals of Kauai.

   I have the great good fortune of having a partner that is also an extraordinary chef that is often my Sous Chef for events. Have a look at her offerings as an Ayurvedic specialist, yoga teacher and therapist at

If you are interested in my culinary services and value added products, please reach out via the Contact form.

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