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Wood Bowls

All of my wood bowls are turned from reclaimed trees or trees that fell naturally. Each piece of wood goes through a lengthy process of trimming, curing, turning, and finishing with great care and attention to maximize the nature and potential of that particular wood.

Each type of wood has its best uses due to many factors including historical use, grain size, strength, hardness, and composition. for example, camphor wood is beautiful but very intensely fragrant because of its inherent oil content. Naturally it would not make a good food bowl but would be a great decorative bowl. Regarding historical use, some woods here have been specifically chosen for food bowls for millenia. Here in Hawaii we know that milo and kou trees were brought here in the first canoes because they were so prized for their wood, specifically for food bowls

Hover over the arrows in the slideshow below to go through some of the examples of bowls I have made. No 2 bowls will every be exactly the same due to the nature of the material, but the same love for aesthetic and design flows through them all.

If you see a bowl here that you like or if you have a vision for a bowl or set of bowls, feel free to reach out through the Contact form. I love custom orders and being able to bring your vision to life.

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